How To View

How To View The Live From Wisco Submission Feed
Live From Wisco now broadcasts submissions exclusively on the Telegram/Nicegram (iOS) platform! With this platform we are immune to account changes and bans. It is easy to join Telegram/Nicegram (iOS), All you need is your phone number to create an account with the app and you are good to go!
Via Web on a Desktop or Mobile Browser- 
1. Create an account with the Telegram app on your phone.
2. enter into your web browser (Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox on any device/computer) and log in with your phone number. 
3. Go to and tap the Submission Feed tab in the main menu.
4. Bookmark the web link for convenience.
Via Android Telegram App

 1. Download the telegram app from Google Play. This app does not require a password, email or any other intrusive information. Just a phone number!


2. Enter your phone number, and then enter the SMS security code when prompted. Then go to in google chrome and click the highlighted "@livefromwisco" text (in the middle of the page) and it will take you to go to the app. When it redirects to the app it will display the LFW Channel which you can then join.



3. Click join, and enjoy the content! Telegram notifies you when the feed has been updated. We generally shoot for updating around 6:30 AM, 12:00 PM, 4:00 PM, 8:00 PM and 10:30 PM. Weekends and holidays will not follow this schedule and will be updated when possible. 



To submit to the story, send a snap to the current submission snapchat account listed at the top of this page in the header. For more details on submitting content, go to How To Submit

Via iOS Nicegram App
Because Apple likes to tell you what you want on your own phone, the process is a little more tricky compared to Android due to the explicit content.

 1. Download the Nicegram app from Apple Store. This app does not require a password, email or any other intrusive information. Just your phone number!

2. Follow the instructions on There are multiple ways, but the easiest is #2. Following these instructions will get rid of the error message of pornographic content.

3. Now open Safari and go to and click "Open" this page in Nicegram. (MAKE SURE you don't have telegram installed, or it wont work) It will take you back to Nicegram, and will display the LFW Channel. Then click join


4. If you followed the above steps, you should be able to view the LFW submission feed! Notifications of submissions are defaulted to on, but you can mute them if you wish to do so. For more details on submitting content, go to How To Submit


If you have any issues viewing content, reread from the beginning of this page and see if you missed a step. If that fails, message wiscoceo on Snapchat and be as detailed as possible on the issue.